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28 records found
Pi Name▲Project Title
Samraat PawarPredicting the effects of temperature fluctuations on crop productivity and disease dynamics View
Vincent SavolainenThe evolution of sexual behaviours: developing and testing biological models of non-reproductive sex, including homosexuality View
Tim BarracloughTracking ecological and evolutionary dynamics in diverse biological communities View
Colin PrenticePlant-atmosphere interaction in near-real time: eco-evolutionary optimality theory applied to carbon, water and energy cycle forecasting View
Alfried VoglerLarge-scale phylogenetics to link biological trait evolution and environmental susceptibility in European freshwater macroinvertebrates View
Tom BellMicrobial networks, communities, niches and ecosystem function View
Lauren CatorThe better to see you, the better to hear you: Sensory integration of visual and acoustic cues in the mating behaviour of mosquitoes. View
Julia SchroederLinking infidelity with behaviour in social networks View
Jason HodgsonDoes narcissism determine the type of faces we find attractive? View
James RosindellAvifauna species-area relationships from local to global scales View
Matteo FumagalliBiomonitoring and controlling amphibian-killing fungi using worldwide genomic data View
Andy PurvisPredictive text mining for global biodiversity indicators and models View
Matthew FisherFungal pathogen evolution in a warming world: consequences for human health and biodiversity View
Nick JonesMetric and Kernel Inference for Coupled Ecological and Social Systems View
Heather GravenInvestigating the response of plants and soils to environmental changes using carbon isotope modelling View
Apostolos VoulgarakisPredicting the ecological impacts of future fire activity on a global scale View
John MumfordNovel models for invasive species' management View
Lorenzo Picinali3D audio techniques for acoustic monitoring of rainforest biodiversity View
Mark FellowesProject IsoKite. What explains the Red Kite conservation success story? View
Brian PicklesFuture forests and wild woods – modelling the responses of trees to climate, land-use, soils, and mycorrhizal symbioses View
Richard WaltersHow eco-evolutionary dynamics shape natural enemies in complex landscapes View
Anne VerhoefA new hydro-ecological model for semi-arid Brazilian caatinga forest structure and function View
Nick IsaacUnderstanding 150 years of distribution change in British Lepidoptera View
Steven WhitePredicting seasonal dynamics of UK mosquito vectors across urban and rural gradients View
Beth PurseTrait-based approaches for predicting mosquito distributions under environmental change View
Jinliang WangA general likelihood framework for inferring hybridization from genetic marker data View
Jacob BishopHow do droughts impact the fitness and behaviour of solitary bees? View
Hong WeiDeep learning in remotely sensed image understanding for biodiversity and ecosystem services View