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Welcome to the QMEE CDT Project proposal database. This is a live list of projects proposals put forward by PIs across the CDT partner institutions

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8 records found
Pi Name▲Project Title
Matteo FumagalliDeep learning algorithms to infer population histories from contemporary and ancient DNA View
Sandy HarrisonPlant-atmosphere interaction in near-real time: eco-evolutionary optimality theory applied to carbon, water and energy cycle forecasting View
Daniel ChapmanStopping the spread of invasive non-native species using machine learning View
Robin FreemanAssessing the predictability of extinction risk using machine learning and pattern recognition View
Nathalie PettorelliCapitalising on the Big Data era: establishing a multi-source monitoring framework for England's natural capital assets and flows View
Marcus RowcliffeMachine-learning and image recognition to monitor spatio-temporal changes in the behaviour and dynamics of species interactions View
Reto SchmuckiIntegrated Machine Learning for biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services in dynamic landscapes View
Soon GweonUsing national-scale molecular monitoring data to understand communities, niche distribution and ecological and evolutionary networks in freshwater diatoms. View