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19 records found
Pi NameProject Title
Marcus RowcliffeMachine-learning and image recognition to monitor spatio-temporal changes in the behaviour and dynamics of species interactions View
Nathalie PettorelliCapitalising on the Big Data era: establishing a multi-source monitoring framework for England's natural capital assets and flows View
Daniel ChapmanStopping the spread of invasive non-native species using machine learning View
Sandy HarrisonPlant-atmosphere interaction in near-real time: eco-evolutionary optimality theory applied to carbon, water and energy cycle forecasting View
Matteo FumagalliDeep learning algorithms to infer population histories from contemporary and ancient DNA View
Soon GweonUsing national-scale molecular monitoring data to understand communities, niche distribution and ecological and evolutionary networks in freshwater diatoms. View
Robin FreemanAssessing the predictability of extinction risk using machine learning and pattern recognition View
Reto SchmuckiIntegrated Machine Learning for biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services in dynamic landscapes View
Martin BidartondoSoil bio-surveillance for management and policy. View
Julia SchroederLinking infidelity with behaviour in social networks View
Shovonlal RoyRepresentation of allelochemical-producing phytoplankton in large ocean-biogeochemical models View
Nick IsaacUnderstanding the past to predict the future of distribution change in British Lepidoptera View
Nick BranchModeling Holocene and modern responses of Sphagnum species to environmental change Project Proposal View
Julie HawkinsBiocultural Diversity and Global Estimates of Medicinal Plant Diversity View
Armand LeroiA quantitative study of how the media shape UK environmental legislation View
James RosindellForecasting endangerment and extinction View
Mark Fellowes'IsoKite' Predictive model: Understanding the role of supplementary food in the conservation success of the Red Kite View
Mark PagelAre extraordinary rates of evolution common? Improving phylogenetic dating and estimation of rates of molecular evolution View
Mike BainesApplications of Moving Mesh Finite Elements to Population Dynamics View