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20 records found
Pi NameProject Title
Julia SchroederFitness consequences of IGEs on parental investment View
Lindsay TodmanSeeing the unseen: application of novel sensor networks to measure the potential of soils for greenhouse gas mitigation. View
Martin BidartondoDistribution modelling and the management and conservation of European ectomycorrhizal communities View
Louise JohnsonGenome evolution in seahorses and their relatives: hormone signalling and sensitivity View
Jon LloydThe impact of multiple environmental stresses of large scale mortality and recovery events in a global vegetation model. View
Sofia GripenbergSeed natural enemies and tropical forest diversity View
Alfried VoglerAn evolutionary framework for ecological status assessment using freshwater macroinvertebrates View
Julie HawkinsBiocultural Diversity and Global Estimates of Medicinal Plant Diversity View
Lauren CatorA Cacophony or a Chorus?: The role of sound in the coordination of mosquito mating swarms View
Matteo FumagalliHow social stratification in urban admixing populations shaped their genetic structure: novel insights from paleogenomics and deep learning View
Jacob BishopBees and plants in the climate crisis View
Cristina Banks-LeiteThe devil is in the detail: the importance of understanding intraspecific responses to tropical deforestation View
Simon MortimerDigital hedges -Lasers, drones and satellites to assess structure, diversity and ecological value of hedgerows View
Shovonlal RoyInvestigating marine harmful algal population dynamics through laboratory cultures and biogeochemical modelling View
Richard GillWhat’s the buzz about acoustic biomonitoring? View
Soon GweonSize matters! - Bacterial genome size and its implications in ecological traits and niche distribution. View
Athanasios PaschalisSimulating the coupled water/carbon cycles of degraded tropical ecosystems View
Heather GravenInvestigating the response of plants and soils to environmental changes using carbon isotope modelling View
Chris VendittiReconstructing the Human Morphological Blueprint View
Frank MayleThe domestication of Amazon rainforests by pre-Columbian societies View