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277 records found
First NameLast NameInstitutionExpertise
SamraatPawarImperial College LondonTheoretical Ecology; Climate change; Metabolic Theory of Ecology; Biological Scaling; Ecological networks; Complex Systems Details
VincentSavolainenImperial College LondonBiodiversity genomics Details
TimBarracloughImperial College LondonBiodiversity; evolution and community dynamics Details
JonLloydImperial College LondonControls on ecosystem carbon fluxes Details
GuyWoodwardImperial College LondonQuantifying the impacts of stressors on aquatic ecosystems Details
ColinPrenticeImperial College LondonBiosphere and atmosphere interactions; climate dynamics Details
AustinBurtImperial College LondonPopulation genetic engineering and malaria vectors Details
AlfriedVoglerImperial College LondonPhylogeny and evolution of Coleoptera Details
TomBellImperial College LondonEcology and evolution of microbial communities Details
RobEwersImperial College LondonDeforestation and field experiments Details
RichardGillImperial College LondonSocial insects Details
MikeTristemImperial College LondonViral evolution Details
MartinBrazeauImperial College LondonEvolution of modern vertebrate anatomy Details
MartinBidartondoImperial College LondonEcology and evolution of mycorrhizas Details
LaurenCatorImperial College LondonBehavioural ecology of disease vectors Details
JuliaSchroederImperial College LondonEvolutionary ecology of social traits Details
JosephTobiasImperial College LondonProcesses generating; sustaining and structuring biodiversity Details
JasonHodgsonImperial College LondonHuman and primate evolutionary genetics; bioinformatics; population genetics Details
CristinaBanks-LeiteImperial College LondonCommunity & landscape ecology Details
AndrewKnightImperial College LondonDecision-making and conservation planning Details