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  • Project Proposals: CLOSED (15/05/19 - 31/05/19)
  • Track I Applications (Supervisors): CLOSED (05/06/19 - 16/07/19)

About the QMEE CDT

The QMEE CDT vision is to train the next generation of researchers with the necessary quantitative and modelling skills to address real-world problems by connecting theory, data, and practice. QMEE CDT students will create cross-cutting theory for complex ecological, evolutionary, environmental and socio-ecological systems; develop methods to compile and manage `big data' that guide theory development and test emerging models; use theory and models to solve applied challenges (such as optimizing food production to reduce environmental impacts, or controlling the evolution of resistance in pests and disease) and make near real-time use of new data streams from multiple sensors to inform management strategies for climate change. Their research will be useful for and driven by a wide range of stakeholders. By `seeding' a generation of researchers with both the quantitative skills and experiences needed to address real-world problems, we will increase both the employability prospects of our young scientists and the impact and reach of their research.

For further information about the CDT, please see the QMEE CDT website