Pawar Lab at Silwood Park

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Kennedy Building, Department of Life Sciences (Silwood Park Campus), Imperial College London, Buckhurst Road, Ascot, Berks SL5 7PY, UK   •   +44 (0)2075942213   •

The 'struggle for existence' of living beings is not for the fundamental constitutents of food ... but for the possession of the free energy obtained, chiefly by means of the green plant, from the transfer of radiant energy from the hot sun to the cold earth.
  — Ludwig Boltzmann, 1886, The Second Law of Thermodynamics
We study whether and how metabolic constraints on individual organisms scale up to complex ecological systems (AKA ecosystems), using empirically-grounded mathematical and computational modeling

Our overarching goal is to contribute to a general theoretical framework for the assembly and maintenance of functionally robust ecosystems