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Welcome to the Silwood and NHM Masters project proposal database. This is a live list of projects proposals put forward by staff at Silwood and the NHM as well as staff elsewhere at Imperial College London and at other external project partners.

Supervisors will continue to add projects to this list throughout the first few months of the courses, so do keep checking back! You can search the projects using the box below: simply enter some text and press Search to do a free text search. If you want to search more finely, the search tool also allows you to search on particular details of the project descriptions: you will see these finer search options appear if you click on the search box.

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Available?Contact Name▲Project BaseProject TitleDate Created
Adriana De PalmaNatural History MuseumAgriculture and biodiversity: how do agricultural landscape structures impact biodiversity?2019-10-23 Details
Adriana De PalmaNatural History MuseumAgriculture and biodiversity: how do agricultural interventions impact biodiversity?2019-10-23 Details
Alexa VarahZoological Society of LondonModelling environmental and economic impacts of management changes targeting herbicide resistance in an agricultural system2019-09-25 Details
Alexa VarahZoological Society of LondonReducing nitrate leaching and herbicide-resistant weeds in English arable farming2019-09-25 Details
Alfried VoglerNatural History MuseumDeveloping and testing efficient bioinformatics pipelines for metabarcoding2019-10-28 Details
Alfried VoglerNatural History MuseumAn increasingly complete phylogenetic tree of Coleoptera (beetles) from metagenomic sequencing of tropical insect communities 2019-10-28 Details
Alfried VoglerNatural History MuseumThe global diversity of tree-pathogenic fungi associated with bark beetles2019-10-28 Details
Amanda Ferguson (Diet Management Officer ZSL)Zoological Society of LondonThe effect of feeding an omega 3 enhanced diet on the fatty acid composition of whole crickets fed to zoo animals2019-11-20 Details
Amanda GuthrieZoological Society of LondonUrolithiasis in Asian short-clawed otter (ASCO) – a review of disease incidence and diet practice over the last 20 years at ZSL and in UK/European collections2019-11-14 Details
Amanda TraskZoological Society of LondonQuantifying hatching failure rates to inform species recovery planning of an extinct-in-the-wild bird, the sihek or Guam kingfisher2020-04-02 Details
Andres Arce & Richard GillSilwoodBee morphological change over the past century2019-10-01 Details
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumHorticultural agriculture and biodiversity: strawberry fields forever?2019-10-23 Details
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumReassessing the intactness of biodiversity2019-10-23 Details
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumInsect Armageddon? Estimating long-term trends in insect numbers by comparing catches reported in different decades2019-10-23 Details
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumMaking a biodiversity model more modular and more flexible2019-10-23 Details
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumModelling the impacts of land-use change and climate change on local biodiversity worldwide2019-10-23 Details
Anjali GoswamiNatural History MuseumMorphological evolution of vertebrate skull2019-10-23 Details
Anjali Goswami / João LeiteNatural History MuseumBy Hoof or Claw: Morphological and Functional Diversity of Non-Avian Dinosaur Manual Unguals2019-09-27 Details
Arkhat AbzhanovNatural History MuseumCapturing and modeling the diversity of cervid antlers: ontogeny and phylogeny of the unique mammal novelty2019-12-04 Details
Arman LeroiSilwood Park (Imperial)Novelty and success. 2019-10-09 Details