Silwood Park Masters Course Projects Management system

Welcome to the masters projects management website for Masters courses at the Silwood Park campus of Imperial College London.

We use this website to manage Masters projects, including the advertisement of projects, distribution of project marking assignments, providing online forms for marker and supervisors to complete, and to make marking feedback available to students at the end of project assessment.

Dear Markers and Supervisors:

A huge thanks for the effort you've already put in to supervising students and are about to put in marking and grading their reports. These projects are a major part of the assessment of Masters students and an an equally major part of their learning experience during the course. The time you spend supporting this is hugely appreciated by both course coordinators and students (although it may not look like that during an actual viva!).

We appreciate that you might prefer to hand write your report. However, this system allows us to:

  1. keep all project marking data together in single location;
  2. easily keep track of marking progress across the course; and
  3. easily distribute completed reports to students as part of their course feedback.

When you are assigned a report to complete, the process is as follows:

Do not share emailed links to report marking forms!

In order to access a marking assignment, either to provide a report or to download a released report, a user needs a link that pairs an assignment record number with the correct UUID4 access token.

Security of this system

This system allow us to distribute marking and to give students access to reports without having to have user registration, but it does mean that the links to reports in emails will allow anyone to access the report. Therefore, you should not forward the links to anyone else.

Dear Students:

This online app provides you access to advertised projects - please have a look at the drop down menu items above.

Your supervisors and examiners will also use this app to prepare their marking reports on your projects. Once the project examination process is completed, you will be emailed a link that will allow you to download their marking reports. These reports are a bit like a reviewer's comments on a scientific paper - they will give you information on what might be needed to improve your project and what skills you need to work on in the lab. They should be constructive and positive - they may sometimes also be a bit blunt at times, but that is common in the review process!